legal cookies

When do we use cookies?

A "cookie" is a text file which is allocated by our server to your personal computer (PC) when you visit our website. If you want to know more about cookies please go to which explains how cookies work and how you can manage their use. We use "cookies" to collect information from visitors to our websites and registered customers.

Our servers use two different types of cookies. The first type is known as a "session-based" cookie and is allocated to your PC only for the duration of your visit to our website. It helps you to move around the website faster. This cookie automatically expires when you close down your browser.

The second type of cookie known as a "persistent" cookie is allocated to your PC only if you agree by selecting the "Remember Me" function. This cookie, if chosen, will remain on your PC for a period of time.

This cookie allows us to:

  • welcome you as an individual when you log on to our website
  • limit how often you see particular advertisements or announcements on our website
  • identify your defaults if you have set up any customised preferences
  • provide you with relevant self-help information
  • track where you have come from if you have come to our website from another website
  • track how many times you visit a page or advertisement

We do not store information regarding your telephone number, account or payment details in the cookie, and this information cannot be accessed using it. Access' cookies do not collect any information regarding the use of your PC or your internet browsing in any way.

Please note that as the cookie is based on your PC, we will not find it if you visit our websites using a different PC to the one you registered on.

Cookies used?
We use Google Analytics, which includes the use of a long-term cookie, issued by Google.

What information do we collect?
Date, Time, Client IP address, Username (if logged in), Server IP address, Server port, Server name, Request method, URI stem, URI query string, Protocol status, Protocol sub status, Time taken, User agent, Referrer, Cookie, Host, Bytes sent, Bytes received, Service/site name. The lifetime of a cookie can be up to 2 years.

How do you disable cookies?
All types of cookies can be removed from your PC but there may be some deterioration in the service you receive (for example, you may receive many pop up boxes containing the same advertisements or you may not be able to access a page you earlier personalised).

Your browser lets you choose whether to accept, not to accept or to be warned before accepting cookies. These settings can be found in the advanced preferences

  • In Internet Explorer 6 select: Tools menu / Internet options / Privacy
  • In Netscape 7.1 select: Edit menu / Preferences / Privacy and Security / Cookies
  • In Firefox select: Tools menu / Options / Privacy / Cookies

For removing the "Remember me" cookie, just unpick the box when you sign in.

Are third party sites covered by this policy?
Third party Internet sites that you can link to from Access' websites are not covered by our privacy policy, so we urge you to be careful when you enter any personal information online. Access accepts no responsibility or liability for these sites.

Other companies which advertise or offer their products or services on our website may also allocate cookies to your PC. The types of cookies they use and how they use the information generated by them will be governed by their own privacy policies and not ours.